Lounge Hour Project Starting from November 16th!

Dear residents, hello! The lounge on the 1st floor of Plaza has recently transformed into ISDAK Diversity Center: a base for ISDAK vision that accepts no discrimination, where every dorm resident can be themselves, feel safe and and learn from each other. In order to attract more residents to use the lounge, we will start a new project called "Lounge Hour" from tomorrow! We believe that there are a lot of residents who have concerns about studies, studying abroad or job hunting. Lounge Hour is a system that lets you come to the lounge and consult the volunteer staff regularly sitting there. You can check staff profiles and the time when they are at the lounge on the special web page (https://sites.google.com/view/isdak-lounge-hour). We have also put up posters around the dorm, so please have a look at them. Even though the time of Lounge Hour is a bit restricted due to the current lack of volunteer staff, feel free to profit from the project any time available. Of course, you can enter the lounge even if you are not planning to use Lounge Hour. We are looking forward to seeing you at the lounge!

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