The Summer Farewell Party (Summer FP) was recently held on Sunday, July 10, at the Plaza Building. This party is one of the four major parties hosted by ISDAK (Spring WP, Summer FP, Fall WP, and Winter FP).

The concept of this year's farewell party was a "Japanese summer festival," with stalls set up both indoors and outdoors, and various games prepared.

Under the scorching sun, the Ramune drink (a Japanese soda) was distributed at the reception, quenching the participants' thirst. 

The first program was a quiz game in which everyone had to participate and move to the position of the option they thought was the correct answer. There was a question like "Vending machines on the Kodaira campus do not sell Coca-Cola. Yes or No?" (the answer is Yes). The quiz game must have given a good stimulus to the brains that were fuzzy from the heat. 

After the quiz game, everyone tried their favorite game. Outside, there was target shooting, yo-yo balloon fishing, super ball scooping, and ring tossing, while inside there was origami, adzuki-bean picking, ball toss, kendama, and a riddle-solving escape game. Some people earned the respect of those around them by demonstrating their high skills for summer festival games, such as an origami craftsman who created breathtakingly beautiful cranes and another who shot like a cowboy. 

At the end of the event, those who got high scores were awarded gorgeous prizes. When the names of the eligible participants were called out, there was thunderous applause, reminiscent of an Academy Awards ceremony. Fortunately, no one received a slap. 

I think I will be able to survive this summer with the energy that I absorbed at the Summer FP. Looking forward to the next Fall Welcome Party!

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